Month: May 2019

"Reasons why to become an entrepreneur"

Are you different then most of your co-workers? Do you like thinking out of the box? Or are you very driven for your work? Read below all the reasons and benefits of becoming an entrepreneur.

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"Where to live in Barcelona as a digital nomad"

There are a lot of places to live in Barcelona. Of course, there are places who are better then others, this because of that they are close to the coworking spaces and have good access to the public transport. Barcelona is great for networking, every month there are multiple events for freelancers, digital nomads, coworkers and entrepreneurs. Keep reading and come to live in Barcelona as a digital nomad!

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"Tips for entrepreneurs and start-ups"

When starting a business your end goal is to be successful. This means often learning from those have already achieved their goals, or go and work in a Coworking space. Other experienced workers can help you were its needed. Find below the most important tips in order to let you company be successful.

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