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"Tips for entrepreneurs and start-ups"

When starting a business your end goal is to be successful. This means often learning from those have already achieved their goals, or go and work in a Coworking space. Other experienced workers can help you were its needed. Find below the most important tips in order to let you company be successful.

Track and protect all spending
When starting a business, there are in the beginning a lot of small and big costs. It may seem in the beginning that it is not important, but is really is. It is important from the beginning to keep track of all the costs that you are making. Instead of hiring someone for this kind of job, buy software to make yourself it easier. It may look expensive in the beginning, but in the end it will save you a lot of money.

Limit expenses in the beginning
Instead of choosing a grand office in the beginning, choose for a Coworking space or a small shared office with other entrepreneurs or workers. The advance of working in a Coworking space in the beginning, is not only that it is affordable, but it is also good for your network. You can connect with other Co-workers and ask them for ideas and to check your work.
The slogan of Coworking is because of its easy growing network: hire and get hired.

Be positive but prepare for the worst
Beginning a own company is not easy. That way is it better to keep your old job in the beginning. In the beginning of your new job in your own company you are not sure if it will work out or not. That is way it important to be financial stable. You never know what will happen in the business world.  As an entrepreneur you are responsible for your own retirement, so start making from the beginning small investment’s.

Focus on the costumer
Focus on the costumer, because they are the source of your income. They make it possible that you can have your own business. That is why it is possible to keep interest in your costumer and keep up to date what is there interest.

Financial goals
Think of your financial goals, and break them down. Begin small, because not everything is possible to accomplice. Set goals for yourself: weekly, monthly and yearly. Make a list and you will see the result at the end.

Social media
Make sure you invest time in social media. This is the cheapest way to make reclama and now a days everybody uses Social Media so you will be found faster. LinkedIn is a good example, people are looking in this website to connect with people, but also hire people for their company. In LinkedIn you can show how great and big your network is.

Listen to your costumers what they are telling you. This is the cheapest version of improving your business, they will tell you what is wrong and what is right. Learn from compliments, because then you know what you need to improve.

Do a lot of research this will make you understand your business. Then you know where you need to focus on. You can see what works best with other companies and what is your competence.

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