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"Where to live in Barcelona as a digital nomad"

There are a lot of places to live in Barcelona. Of course, there are places who are better then others, this because of that they are close to the coworking spaces and have good access to the public transport. Barcelona is great for networking, every month there are multiple events for freelancers, digital nomads, coworkers and entrepreneurs. Keep reading and come to live in Barcelona as a digital nomad!

  • El Borne (atmosphere)
    This used to be the city center of Barcelona, it is also the oldest part of Barcelona. In El Born you can find a lot of restaurants, bars and a good atmosphere. In El Born are a lot of Coffee cafés to work in and coworking spaces with a big variety of price.
  • Barceloneta (beach vibes)
    Back in the days Barceloneta was a fisherman village. This is the place to be for students, there are a lot of bars and in the summer a lot of parties. So if you want to connect with people for a friendship, you can consider this place as a place to be.
  • L’eixample (nightlife)
    The neighborhood has this name because of the expansion of Barcelona. It has been designed during the industrial revolution to be a modern neighborhood; you will find a lot of art from Gaudi. This is a real neighborhood where a lot of locals are living.
  • Garcia (family-friendly)
    Garcia has grown a lot lately, there are a lot of trendy shops, cafes, lots of coworking spaces and restaurants. Gracia is one of the higher end neighborhoods, and because of that also one of the most expensive apart from Ciutat Vella and Eixample. Gracia is very hilly so riding a bicycle is difficult, but the public transport is well connected.
  • Les Corts (families)
    In Les Corts are living many families, because in this area there are schools and universities. It is also the home of Football Clubs.
  • Sant Martí (active lifestyle)
    Sant Martí is well known under the younger crowds, they call it the district of innovation. It is a business hub for digital nomads, startups and entrepreneurs.


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